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Lmao 6 years ago
I know these two, he was shot after this was released, by her brother as they were mates
Lol 5 years ago
Did he really get shot
Frank o 9 months ago
Could done more
She’s cute,and also sexy
Bigtitty 5 months ago
Long dixk hurts trying to arch while doin doggy I feel her pain lol he's perfect she's perfect
Lopez 8 months ago
When you a thick cock and you making that pussy spread during back shots you can smell your dick stretching that pussy
Edward 8 months ago
This guy deserves better pussy his dick is all BOMB
Devin 1 year ago
I’m 39 6’2 I’m been taking steroids since 27 to cover up for my dick size and to see a regular homie with a bigger cock and fucks better is like damn he can go deeper in my girl then I can only imagine
Vegas mike 1 year ago
I am in love!! Nothing artificial and I love how she takes a missionary I would’ve cum inside her all day long
BigOne 5 years ago
She is cute, love the way she kisses. Nice firm tits, great nipples, She has a little bit of a belly she should work on, a nice looking cunt, a solid but but a nice ass hole, She doesn't over act but likes to fuck a cock
dunsum 3 years ago
Skank is fat with ugly tattoos. And, seriously, 23 minutes and no anal??? TOTAL FAIL